Maryam was introduced to Buddhist psychology while pursuing her graduate studies. Her continued interest in Tibetan Buddhism and love of dance eventually led her to yoga, which she has been practicing for the past sixteen years, exploring various styles and traditions along the way.

A certified teacher of Vinyasa yoga from Om Yoga Center (2001), Maryam has participated in Rodney Yee’s teacher training programs as well as in workshops by other master teachers including Richard Freeman and John Friend. She has taught at various yoga studios in New York City and in White Plains (NY), and has led yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Mexico.

In her classes, Maryam incorporates breathing exercises, asanas and meditation. She emphasizes correct alignment and mindfulness, and encourages students to approach their practice with playfulness, gratitude and lack of judgment. She often shares inspirational readings and thoughts and invites questions and interaction in class. Maryam believes regular, mindful yoga practice can cultivate a more fearless and compassionate relationship with ourselves and others. It can also enhance our appreciation for life and all it has to offer. She is grateful to all of her teachers and students for inspiring her to continue learning and sharing.