Participant Comments

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“It is hard to put into words the wonderful feeling that I had as I practiced yoga with you in Isla Mujeres. You encouraged me to explore my own boundaries and take steps to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of. Your thoughtful words provided a guided imagery into the yoga practice. Through you, I found yoga to be a practice for the mind as well as the body. I was able to feel peace and tranquility yet full of energy after each practice. I am full of gratitude.

-Patty Koizim

“It was a truly fabulous week. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience. You’re a gifted teacher and I so appreciate the work and all you gave.

-Ilene Antelman

“The retreat with you at Isla Mujeres was the best week of my life! I had such an amazing time…I feel like I am floating on a cloud today! Thank you so much for everything. I hope we get to do this every year.

-Liana Hopkins

“I always love doing yoga with you as the instructor,so doing it in that beautiful out-of-doors elevated room with wood floor and thatched roof was just an added benefit to the beauty of your yoga class. I loved walking in that extra-ordinary sand in my bare feet and being in that extra-ordinary water.

-Sean Hopkins

“The retreat [at Isla Mujeres] already seems like a dream! I really enjoyed practicing yoga everyday, and the hotel which had a lovely relaxed feel to it – dinner and drinks at their beach-side restaurant and lolling around on those beach “beds” after a swim. Overall, I really enjoyed the people, the place, and the learning…Thanks again for all your work to make it happen!

-Tana Bigelow

“Thanks for putting on a really great yoga program at Pura Vida. It was just what I was hoping for and I learned a great deal. I so much enjoyed your style of teaching and your positive energy. Overall, it was a very valued and inspirational experience for me.

-Sandra Tedeschi

“I felt very blessed to be able to participate in your classes in Costa Rica. In fact, without them, my visit to Pura Vida would have been far less satisfying with respect to the yoga instruction. You are a wonderful teacher and your classes are challenging, fun and filled with wisdom and great energy. I will definitely call you whenever I’m in New York so that I can experience them again.

-Ann Oppenheimer

“I had never imagined that the retreat at Pura Vida was going to be as wonderful. Although I had muscular pains at different parts of my body by the end of the week, for me it was the most relaxing vacation I ever had. Everything was great, your yoga classes, the food, the fresh-squeezed juices, the coffee, the accommodations, the massages, the tours, especially the Punta Leone Beach on the Pacific. The first night I arrived I couldn’t sleep because the crickets were singing too loud. By the end of the week I had the impression that even the crickets were singing OM.

-Liana Hopkins

“In regard to the trip to Costa Rica, it was awesome. The flight was not too long, the food was great, the accommodations fun, and the people and things we did were awesome. It was a great week at a great price with lots of choose. It will be hard to match I’m sure.

-Carol Gismondi

“I had a great time participating in your Yoga class in Costa Rica. You did a great job! All the sessions were very inspiring and well prepared. Pura Vida is a very spiritual and healing place in which to conduct our Yoga practice. The beautiful foliage and wildlife brings us back to nature and allows us to connect with our inner selves. I especially liked the way you varied each class to include the Thai-Massage class and the partnering yoga. I would definitely like to do this again!

-Mark Graham

““I am so glad I went, I had such a great time and learned so much, I really feel like it was a changing experience for so many reasons, and in no small part due to you. Thanks for being such a great teacher and listener and friend. What a lovely and warm environ-ment. I have renewed faith in the world, and in my ability to move through it…

-Kerstin Michaelsen

“Thank you for wonderful classes and all your warmth and caring!

-Ilene Schreider

“I had the most wonderful time on the trip – everyone was so welcoming and open and there was such a good energy about. Thank you for your wonderful classes – I feel like I have a lot to try to remember; to concentrate on. Thank you too for organizing everything and for working so hard with Philip at making sure we all were doing, seeing and experiencing so much.

-Alicia Bona